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spicy ice cream available walmart united statesNew spicy ice cream brand joins Richard Childress Racing for the 2019 NASCAR Xfinity Series Season.

Cheshire, Connecticut – Kaz Grala, the young stock car racer, is poised to win many races in his career. And yes, you can definitely count on him celebrating each victory with a bowl of spicy ice cream.

HotScream, the makers of the new and innovative spicy ice cream, are sponsoring Grala in the No. 21 HotScream Chevy for Richard Childress Racing (RCR) in 2019. Grala and RCR compete in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series that is followed by millions of motorsports fans across the United States and around the world.

“This partnership is a match made in heaven,” said Grala. “NASCAR fans love ice cream and can’t get enough while tailgating, so I am thrilled to introduce them to a new kind of ice cream. I’ve been able to get HotScream in the hands of countless fans and drivers already, and every last one of them has loved it.”

HotScream is a premium ice cream mixed with a proprietary blend of eight different peppers, giving the dessert a subtle warmth, balancing sweetness with spice. Each bite offers a creamy vanilla taste with a blast of spice – not too much, but just enough.

HotScream already comes in a variety of amazing flavors.

So, do you want the “scoop” on what Grala’s favorite products are?

“That’s tough because they’re all so good,” he said. “Honestly, I was partial to the Salted Caramel, but then I got the chance to try the Black Raspberry, and I think that quickly became my new favorite. All the flavors have just the right amount of spice to please everyone, even people who typically shy away from spicy foods.”

Grala, who hails from Boston, says he really likes the HotScream artwork on his No. 21 car.

“I think our paint scheme this year has been a home run,” he explained. “The design, which was inspired by HotScream’s logo, really showcases the product well. We have drawn the attention of fans and media already with the bright graphics, and spread the word about HotScream in the process. HotScream’s spicy ice cream is a must-try, just go see for yourself!’”

The young NASCAR driver knows that HotScream will grow in a big way in 2019 and beyond.

“NASCAR is great for business-to-business opportunities, and this is an exciting time for HotScream,” he said. “The NASCAR season recently kicked off and HotScream is already the talk of the garage. I definitely have the coolest sponsor on the track — what could possibly be better than ice cream?”

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