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spicy ice cream available walmart united statesNew spicy ice cream brand joins Richard Childress Racing for the 2019 NASCAR Xfinity Series Season.

Cheshire, Connecticut – Kaz Grala, the young stock car racer, is poised to win many races in his career. And yes, you can definitely count on him celebrating each victory with a bowl of spicy ice cream.

HotScream, the makers of the new and innovative spicy ice cream, are sponsoring Grala in the No. 21 HotScream Chevy for Richard Childress Racing (RCR) in 2019. Grala and RCR compete in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series that is followed by millions of motorsports fans across the United States and around the world.

“This partnership is a match made in heaven,” said Grala. “NASCAR fans love ice cream and can’t get enough while tailgating, so I am thrilled to introduce them to a new kind of ice cream. I’ve been able to get HotScream in the hands of countless fans and drivers already, and every last one of them has loved it.”

HotScream is a premium ice cream mixed with a proprietary blend of eight different peppers, giving the dessert a subtle warmth, balancing sweetness with spice. Each bite offers a creamy vanilla taste with a blast of spice – not too much, but just enough.

HotScream already comes in a variety of amazing flavors.

So, do you want the “scoop” on what Grala’s favorite products are?

“That’s tough because they’re all so good,” he said. “Honestly, I was partial to the Salted Caramel, but then I got the chance to try the Black Raspberry, and I think that quickly became my new favorite. All the flavors have just the right amount of spice to please everyone, even people who typically shy away from spicy foods.”

Grala, who hails from Boston, says he really likes the HotScream artwork on his No. 21 car.

“I think our paint scheme this year has been a home run,” he explained. “The design, which was inspired by HotScream’s logo, really showcases the product well. We have drawn the attention of fans and media already with the bright graphics, and spread the word about HotScream in the process. HotScream’s spicy ice cream is a must-try, just go see for yourself!’”

The young NASCAR driver knows that HotScream will grow in a big way in 2019 and beyond.

“NASCAR is great for business-to-business opportunities, and this is an exciting time for HotScream,” he said. “The NASCAR season recently kicked off and HotScream is already the talk of the garage. I definitely have the coolest sponsor on the track — what could possibly be better than ice cream?”

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spicy ice cream available walmart united statesIce cream fanatics in New London and Norwich, Connecticut, will get the chance to sample HotScream Ice Cream this weekend.

That’s right – on Sunday, June 2, 2019, the HotScream team will be out in full force, offering up scoops of our spicy ice cream to consumers.

Here are the in-store sampling locations:

ShopRite – New London, CT
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

351 North Frontage Road

ShopRite – Norwich, CT
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

634 W. Main Street

If you live in these locations, then we encourage you to attend our sampling events. You will be glad you did!

We just recently launched HotScream on the market and ice cream enthusiasts really love our brand. Our team will also be glad to tell you about the variety of flavors we offer and how we drummed up the idea to develop our innovative line of products.

For a list of stores that sell HotScream click here - or you can contact us directly.

Let us add some spice to your weekend! See you Sunday! 

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spicy ice cream available walmart united statesFor those of you who have a sweet tooth, then you will want to get the full “scoop” on a new brand of ice cream that just hit the market.

Meet HotScream, the first spicy ice cream of its kind in the United States that will definitely “wow” your taste buds. Once you have a mouthful, you will be hooked!

This new line of ice cream, which is now being sold at select stores across the nation, comes in all sorts of delicious flavors, each with a unique spicy swirl: Strawberry, Chocolate, Ginger, Salted Carmel, Espresso, Black Raspberry, and Peach. The company now has plans to soon launch even more choices of products for ice cream fanatics, including Mango [with a coconut based ice cream] along with Pumpkin and Apple Pie as limited editions for Autumn.

HotScream has been developed by Escape Brands.

HotScream takes two concepts, dessert and spicy food, and merges them together. By taking ice cream with its cool creaminess and incorporating a spicy swirl, the brand has created a new taste sensation that almost dares one’s own senses.

At first, you will taste the pureness of vanilla and then you will feel a warming sensation that starts in the back of your mouth, creating a rush that only comes from spicy foods. The warming lasts, but it doesn’t engulf your mouth with fire. Taking another bite, you again taste the cool, creamy vanilla and the respective variegate flavor while the heat dissipates, only to come back for more.

“We are a young and creative company that is pushing the envelope with new, delicious spicy ice cream that will stir your senses,” says Jeff Russitano, who is the co-founder and co-owner of HotScream and Escape Brands. “We are thrilled to launch our products on the market, and we know HotScream will script a whole new chapter in the ice cream industry.”

Jeff admits that his invention came about by pure accident. While watching a Sunday Night NFL game, Jeff and a friend devoured a couple of pounds of extremely spicy Buffalo wings. Feeling the need for relief, they two quickly scooped two large bowls of vanilla ice cream, only to discover the remaining hot wing sauce. Jeff then looked at his friend and said, “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

That’s how it all started, and the rest is history.

“We spent months making different batches, and we are grateful to our friends and family members who tasted every mouthful along the way,” laughs Jeff. “Everyone who tried out HotScream in its development phase all agreed on one thing: You guys have something good going on here!”

HotScream is now being sold at over 400 Walmart stores across the country, from Maine to Texas; 120 ACME Food Stores; and they plan on being in 1,000 stores nationwide by the summer including Big Y and their 77 stores in the Northeast.

They have even sponsored a NASCAR Xfinity driver, Kaz Grala, in the 21 HotScream car for Richard Childress Racing in 2019 that was unveiled at Texas Motor Speedway!

Jeff Russitano is available for media interviews and members of the media are also able to try out this new brand of spicy ice cream – compliments of HotScream.

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