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spicy ice cream available acme united statesWhen it comes to sweetness, it’s hard to beat the strawberry. These bright red, heart-shaped fruits are perfect for a romantic date, a healthy snack, or churned inside a spicy ice cream.

HotScream’s Strawberry Swirl offers a twist on this decadent produce. Twisted throughout the aromatic pure vanilla base, this juicy hot flavor gives your tastebuds a unique experience. Although it may sound like a strange combination, you will be surprised at just how palatable this chilled blend truly is.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a peek at the testimonials of our satisfied customers. Katie discovered our pint of Strawberry Swirl at her local Aldi and was head-over-heels. “It's not only good spicy ice cream; it's good ice cream, period!”

So, if the summer heat has you beat, cool down with any of HotScream’s products. Our delicious desserts will warm your mouth not your brow!

You can get your hands on our spicy ice cream at select Walmart stores and Acme Markets around the country. To locate a vendor near you, we invite you to take advantage of our shop finder. For more information about HotScream, get in touch with our team today!