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Monday June 17, 2019
As a new and innovative product, HotScream started out with three flavors: Chocolate, Ginger, and Strawberry. Swirled into a fresh vanilla base, these spicy delights were well received. So, our team of ice cream connoisseurs set out on a mission to create four more delicious blends: Espresso, Peach, Black Raspberry, and Salted Caramel.Appealing to a wide range of tastebuds, these frozen desserts explode in your mouth and leave you with a... READ MORE
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Grab a Pint of HotScream and Celebrate Our One Year Anniversary at Walmart!

Exactly one year ago today, HotScream made the trek from Connecticut to Bentonville, AR to participate in Walmart’s Open Call event. In a sea of over 450 other companies, our spicy ice cream managed to make quite an impression. We made a deal with...


Get a Kaz Grala Hero Card from HotScream!

Stepping into the spotlight this season is young stock car driver Kaz Grala. Behind the wheel of his No. 21 Chevy, this up-and-coming star is ready to hit the track for Richard Childress Racing (RCR) in the 2019 NASCAR Infinity Series. We here at...


HotScream Spicy Ice Cream Fuels Kaz Grala’s No. 21 Chevrolet Camaro

New spicy ice cream brand joins Richard Childress Racing for the 2019 NASCAR Xfinity Series Season.Cheshire, Connecticut – Kaz Grala, the young stock car racer, is poised to win many races in his career. And yes, you can definitely count on him...

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Chocolate Lovers Celebrate: HotScream Delivers...

If you love chocolate ice cream, then you will want to try a mouthful of HotScream.HotScream is the first-of-its-kind spicy ice cream, and we are getting lots of attention across the USA. And yes – we offer


HotScream Ice Cream Sponsors NASCAR Xfinity...

Kaz Grala enjoys his ice cream when he’s not racing on the track.Even better, the professional stock car racing driver is thrilled that we are sponsoring him in the #21 HotScream Car for Richard Childress


Where Can You Buy HotScream Ice Cream?

The launch of HotScream, the first of its kind spicy ice cream, has been a huge success and we are just getting started!   We are now growing in a big way from coast-to-coast, simply because dessert lovers


Connecticut Consumers Really Dig HotScream Ice...

Scores of ice cream lovers in Connecticut had the opportunity to try a mouthful of our new spicy ice cream this past weekend.That’s right: the HotScream team was out in full force, offering in-store samples of


From the “What Will They Think of Next?”...

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, then you will want to get the full “scoop” on a new brand of ice cream that just hit the market.Meet HotScream, the first spicy ice cream of its kind in the United


Why Dessert Lovers Will Enjoy HotScream Ice...

Calling all dessert enthusiasts! There is a new brand of ice cream that just hit the market and you will be hooked after one mouthful.HotScream Ice Cream is simply delicious and comes in all sorts of flavors:


Bring HotScream on Your Summer Adventures, from...

As the weather warms and summer approaches, it’s easy to get excited about hot nights, barbeques, trips to the beach, and, most importantly, the food. If you’re like most of us, the desserts are one of the


HotScream and the Summer Fancy Food Show in New...

By now, you’ve likely heard about HotScream, the deliciously creamy, dense ice cream with a twist of spice. It will liven up your mouth and your mundane dessert routine. The power of our zing is that it’s


HotScream Ice Cream Available Throughout the...

Ice cream. There’s nothing in the world quite like it. Smooth, refreshing, and delicious, it’s the perfect treat for a hot day or a special occasion. It comes in countless flavors, but after awhile, the