HotScream, takes two concepts, dessert and spicy food.
Combines them to form a product that can only be described as: 

HotScream; The Spicy Ice Cream

New HotScream Spicy Ice Cream Flavors Will Have Your...

As a new and innovative product, HotScream started out with three flavors: Chocolate,... Read More

Try HotScream Spicy Ice Cream at Moxie in Madison, CT

Situated on the Long Island Sound, in the southeastern corner of New Haven County, CT,... Read More

HotScream and Walmart Partnership Turns One-Year-Old...

On this day exactly one year ago, we took our spicy ice cream down south in pursuit of... Read More

Grab a Pint of HotScream and Celebrate Our One Year...

Exactly one year ago today, HotScream made the trek from Connecticut to Bentonville,... Read More

HotScream Spicy Ice Cream Celebrates One Year...

On June 13th, 2018, the ice cream industry was forever changed. That was the day that... Read More

Enjoy the Decadent Taste of HotScream’s Chocolate...

People have been debating over which ice cream flavor is the best for decades. Vanilla... Read More

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